S$25 Sports Hub Play Day Dec 2016 Promotion!

Singapore Sports Hub is running a Play Day on Dec 17! From 9am to 5.30pm, there will be several sessions of the Learn To Play program for Fencing in Hall 6. In conjunction with this event, we are offering a special discount and program for people who would like to do a trial session with Blade Club: S$25 for a 2.5 hour beginner's fencing course at Blade Club @ Bukit Timah or

Common questions from new Fencers

Q: What are the costs like? To make it easy for people to start, Blade Club provides equipment for new fencers (they can borrow the club equipment while on our premises); they only need to pay training fees. We also help to retail cheaper but safe equipment from reputable manufacturers, making it possible to purchase a full set of required equipment at affordable rates. Q: What are the benefits of this sport? Physically,

Is Fencing too expensive compared to other sports?

In Singapore, there are a growing number of fencers and parents willing to spend to enjoy this unique sport. Compared to some other sports, it may seem to be a little more expensive at first, especially with the equipment that is involved. This is why we try to make it as accessible as possible to the public by providing shared club equipment and easy ways to get started. Our students

Can younger kids learn fencing?

At Blade Club, we often get asked if is there a program catered for younger children to join fencing. We love to work with young fencers with the energy and passion to enjoy this sport. We focus on strength and agility training for these younger fencers in preparation for fencing fundamentals. We also have a unique foam sword fencing program for young kids and teenagers that we call "Swordplay". It is a

ESCRIME XXI The Fencing Magazine – Welcome to Issue 96

ENGLISH Bringing you news about all important events, your favourite athletes and news from around the world of fencing. Click here to read the latest edition of Escrime XXI. 中文 为您呈现所有重要赛事、报道您喜爱的运动员和全球击剑界的新闻 点击查看最新一期《击剑二十一世纪》

Falcon Young Fencer Invitational 2016

The Falcon Young Fencer Invitational 2016 was hosted by NIST International School, Thailand, was held on 7 – 8 May 2016. The competition consists of age groups U10, U12, U14, U17 and U20, with each category averaging of 20-25 fencers for each gender. Participants hailed mostly from Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Our Blade fencers have done us proud. Adreano Horca won the Gold medal for U14 category and Nicholas Loo

Phuket International Foil Fencing Camp 2016

Blade Fencing in cooperation with the Fencing Federation of Thailand will organize the inaugural Phuket International Foil Camp 2016 at the Thanyapura Sport Resort on the beautiful Phuket Island of Thailand. This will be held from the 1st to the 10th August 2016. Fencers may join for the full 10 days, 7 days or 5 days.The camp is designed to provide training and fencing knowledge among fencers of all ages

Our rates

  As at 1 July 2017, the pricing for lessons are as follows: Group Training (1x a week for 6 weeks) SGD270 Group Training (unlimited monthly) SGD300 Group Training (unlimited monthly for 3 months) SGD750 Individual lesson (1x 30 minutes) SGD80 Individual lessons (4x 30 minutes) SGD300 Individual lessons (10x 30 minutes) SGD700 We offer classes for students of all levels throughout the week: Sunday morning footwork, strength, and plyometric training. Weekend evening open sparring. Individual lessons can be booked whenever the coach is available.  

The National School Games Fencing Championships 2016

The National School Games 2016 took place in March. Fencers from Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Pasir Ris Crest - schools that are taught by Blade Club coaches - as well as other Blade fencers competed.Our schools Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles Institution (Junior College) won the Boys B Division and A Division, and Girls A Division titles respectively. Special mention also goes to Blade Club fencers in Raffles Girls'

Singapore MINIME Fencing Championships 2016

(Photo Credit: Fencing Singapore) Under-14 Girls' Epee Individual Event – Congratulations to Yeo Jaxine who took home the Bronze Medal. Under-14 Boys’ Epee Team – Blade Club emerged with the Silver Medal.