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Falcon Young Fencer Invitational 2016

The Falcon Young Fencer Invitational 2016 was hosted by NIST International School, Thailand, was held on 7 – 8 May 2016. The competition consists of age groups U10, U12, U14, U17 and U20, with each category averaging of 20-25 fencers for each gender. Participants hailed mostly from Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Our Blade fencers have done us proud. Adreano Horca won the Gold medal for U14 category and Nicholas Loo participated in the U17 and U20 category, clinching the Gold and Bronze medals respectively. Both athletes have fenced well without committing too much errors. The host country’s technical level in competition was excellent and it provided a very good platform for experience.

Blade Club was the only club with two fencers participating in three group categories. We also took placed 2nd place in overall ranking.