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Is Fencing too expensive compared to other sports?

In Singapore, there are a growing number of fencers and parents willing to spend to enjoy this unique sport. Compared to some other sports, it may seem to be a little more expensive at first, especially with the equipment that is involved.

This is why we try to make it as accessible as possible to the public by providing shared club equipment and easy ways to get started. Our students do not need to purchase any fencing gear, and continue to borrow club gear until they are ready to commit to this unique and rewarding sport.

It gets more expensive when one is trying to get very good and/or to compete at a high level internationally; but this is true for all sports generally. Our fencers and parents recognize that fencing, being so challenging, also has a lot of benefits. Almost always, its very much enjoyed by those that try it out!

Now, there are now many more schools offering fencing as a CCA. At Blade Club alone, we are teaching at over 10 schools and institutions, and fencers are starting younger than ever before (4 years old and up).